Three Reasons Why You Should Choose To Wear Rockabilly Clothing Today

Fashion is like a wheel: it keeps on swirling around a loop, ending up manifesting itself not in a renewed form, but a recycled one. Similar is the story of the lately resuscitated rockabilly fashion, a clothing trend, which traces its roots as far back as the 1950’s. The term “rockabilly” is an esoteric blend of “rock” – from rock and roll – and “hillbilly” – a strand of country music popular in the late 1940’s and throughout 1950’s in the Southern USA. Although rockabilly’s fame peaked during the 50’s and 60’s, once its popularity reached the mainstream, it never really fizzled away. The West has seen myriad rockabilly revivals in the past, but we should not be nonchalant about it as its revival is taking place now in our own backyard, with several vintage clothing brands popping up from Melbourne to Perth. Sure, we mere mortals are not going to compete with millionaire Instagram models nor our schedules have a place for round the clock cocktail parties. Worse, we do not even know what the purpose of going retro anyway is. This warrants some crucial exploration of why resorting to rockabilly is not really a bad idea for common individuals. 

Rockabilly means courage 

“Wish I had the courage to wear rockabilly dresses” is not an unfamiliar sentence. Look around, and you would find plenty of folks with suppressed desires and hollow appearances courtesy fears of social censure and negative reinforcements from peer groups. Much of this obsequiousness stems from plain dressing, which fails to make a difference within your personality. Rockabilly clothing offers a way out because life is too short not to wear whatever you want to. In addition, ability of rockabilly fashion to make you feel happy and buoyant becomes a valid reason to adopt it as everyday clothing. Now that we know retro is the new modern, we ought to find out vintage dresses for sale in our vicinity. Is not that sounds archaic. Consider the entire Australian continent as your vicinity when we have the luxury of a one-stop-shop of all rockabilly and vintage clothing niches.  

Rockabilly offers delicacies of femininity and virility of masculinity  

In this epoch of corporatism, the boundaries between femininity and masculinity are fast becoming opaque. With women are forced to wear suits and men caged in tight trousers and shirts, rockabilly has come as a blessing in disguise. However, we all like the regime of gender equality being fortified in our homes and workplaces, but we all secretly want to revert to the essence of romance that can never be truly felt in the modern attire. While it makes women feel prettier and vibrant, it offers men a loose and tough style, adding a muscular aura to it while simultaneously managing to avoid a brazen display of violence and aggression. Again, the good news is that Rockabilly clothing Melbourne is a resurgent trend and looks set to flourish in coming times.  

The wide range that comes with rockabilly is simply irresistible 

The difference between any vintage dress sale and other such offerings is that the former will always be more colourful and more wide-ranging. From pinup girl dress to floral swing frocks, and from pompadour to white t-shirt crew cuts and down to rolled up sleeves, the eclectic nature of rockabilly dressing is too alluring a factor. In fact, every rockabilly type contains within itself a whole world of new possibilities to tinker on. For example, in the 1950’s, the look for girls was full skirts with number crinolines, ponytails, and low heels. All these intricacies remained for one decade alone. 

In the nutshell, in and around Melbourne, rockabilly clothing is – and should be – the latest trend. We have discovered how and why it is definitely not a taboo for the ordinary lot, for it allows one to exude the latent energy and hidden optimism. All we are concerned about its accessibility, and we have sorted that out for you as well. Nostalgia Now has proven itself as a paradise for the fan and the fashionista alike, bringing together some of the best from vintage and alternative fashion for the Aussies.  

Having said that, you ought to find for yourself Australia’s most beautiful vintage style dresses now.  

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