Things You Can Do To Protect Your Vehicle From Theft

When you have spent tens of thousands of dollars on a new car, the last thing you want is to see it stolen. Car theft is a common problem, especially in big cities. Luckily for car owners, there are now tech, gadgets, and simple common sense techniques to prevent car thefts. Here are several of these suggestions that will protect your vehicle from ending up in a dubious scrap yard:  

Invest in a GPS Tracking Device 

There’s nothing better than a GPS car tracking device to make sure your vehicle is safe. Wireless car trackers do not completely prevent theft, but these little gadgets can make recovering a stolen car a lot easier. A GPS tracker can immediately notify you when your parked car is starting to move, which means you can stop a theft from proceeding. Later, you can get your car back or tell the police where the thieves have taken it. This is a must-have Blaq Wolf gadget for all modern cars.  

Make Sure You Leave All Doors Locked 

This is a simple safety method that most people forget to follow through with. When you get out of the car, all doors must be locked. Make sure the back doors are locked and secured just as the front ones are. Locked doors don’t prevent thefts, but they can deter a theft. If your car is going to be stolen, you don’t want to make the job easier for the thief do you? Therefore, keep in mind to always lock all the doors when you exit the vehicle.  

Avoid Parking in the Street  

The street is the most common place where vehicles are stolen. Therefore, avoid parking in streets especially largely empty side streets. Learn to park intelligently in designated lots and spaces with security cameras and possibly guards as well. Avoid places where your car will be left unprotected among a crowd. Smart parking is the first step towards protecting your vehicle from theft.  

Don’t Leave Valuable Strewn on Seats 

Which car do you think a thief is most likely to be interested in? An empty car with nothing but a tissue box inside, or a parked car with handbags, iPhones, and other valuables strewn all over the back seat? One great method to deter vehicle theft is to leave all valuables out of sight. Place small gadgets like smartphones in the glove compartment. If you have handbags or similar items, take them with you. Otherwise, place valuables out of sight inside the car. If someone looks inside leaning through a window, there should be no valuables in sight.  

Remove the Steering Wheel 

A thief would definitely not take a car without the steering wheel to drive. You can remove the steering wheel of your vehicle using a quick release hub and take it with you. Of course, taking the steering wheel into the grocery store might not be the most convenient. But if you plan on leaving your car parked for a prolonged period, like in an airport parking lot, then removing the steering wheel is a good option. When potential carjackers see that your vehicle doesn’t have a steering wheel, they simply won’t bother with the theft.  

Don’t wait and implement the above strategies to protect your car from theft. Don’t hold back when it comes to spending money on security devices.  

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