The best AFL football merchandise at the store!

The football players want to play the game with full accessories. So, we are here to tell you about the best things you can find in the afl store. All the things are available at a reasonable price. Well, the Richmond football club merchandise includes many things that people love to buy. It might include the shorts, band, badges, and many other things. So, let us have a look at them.  

1: Footy shorts: 

The first item in the afl store is the Richmond footy shorts. The best-selling product in the market. Hence, the footy short is the Richmond football club merchandise. The waist is fully elastic, so it is best for all waist sizes. The logo of alf is on the bottom right side. Although, you can have footy shorts in all sizes. Well, the item is available for $39.95. 

2: Wallet: 

You can see many fans of Richmond. So, people love to buy products related to it. Hence, the second best-selling product you can find in the afl store. In the Richmond football club merchandise, this product is always out of stock. On the front of the wallet, you can see the logo and the team name. Hence, the product is suitable for note and coin storage. You can buy the wallet is $12.95. 

3: Tiger Shirt: 

The fans of Richmond must buy the shirts to support their favourite team. The third best-selling product in the afl store. It is included in the Richmond football club merchandise. Hence, the colour combination makes the shirt look cool. Moreover, the shirt is light weighted and can absorb the moisture of your body. The length is suitable. The bottom of the shirt is round that increases its look. Available in all sizes. You can buy this product is $64.95. 

4: Bumper sticker: 

Many fans like to use things that can show their love to the Richmond team. Hence, many people buy the bumper sticker, and it is one of the best-selling products of the afl store. Well, it is available in the Richmond football club merchandise. The size of the sticker is about 305 x 75 mm. The graphics on the sticker are perfect. Moreover, the logo increases its beauty. You can buy the bumper sticker is $7.95. 

5: Key ring: 

As we said previously, many fans like to buy such things that can show their love for the Richmond teams. So, we have another best-selling item in the afl store Richmond Key ring. Hence, many people have the back-to-back key rings from the Richmond football club merchandise. However, the keying is made of metal with the logo on it. You can have this keying for $11.95. 

6: Balloon: 

If you are going to support your team, buying the Richmond Balloon from Richmond football club merchandise is the best option. Moreover, the product is made from helium that is the best quality. The balloons have the logo and team name printed. However, the best product of the afl store. You can have the bundle of balloons for $12.95. 

7: Bar scarf: 

Well, the list of Richmond items is not limited. You can have each thing that can represent Richmond. So, you can find the Scarf in the Richmond football club merchandise. Hence, the scarf can be used for multi-purpose. You can wear a scarf or use it for decoration. The design of the scarf is in strip form with the club colours. The logo and name are printed on the scarf. Although, the scarf is available for $25.95. 

8: Beach towel: 

The love of fans never ends. Some people are full crazy for Richmond and buy its product. In our afl store, we have beach towels. The design of the logo and club colour is attractive. Hence, the size of the towel is 75 x 150 cm. Made from the best quality cotton. You can have this towel from the Richmond football club merchandise for $29.95. 


Lastly, the list of items is not finished yet. But the mentioned items are the most selling product. If you want to buy any Richmond product, then you can visit our afl store and you will get all the items at a reasonable price

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