Services under the name of Five Star Glass and Caulking

Five star glass and caulking has been serving the residential and commercial sector for a long period. We have our main operation in Melbourne. When glass breaks, it becomes a threat to the people living in a house especially for infant, toddlers and kids. They can hurt themselves if we leave them unattended for a single moment. It is always advisable to fix the glass damages as soon as possible. We never know when accidents can happen. 

Five star and caulking come to the rescue in such situations. We do not only work on the fixation of broken glasses but we provide many other services as well under the name of five star glass and caulking.  

The Services 

Let us have a look at the services of five star glass and caulking.   

  • Shop Fronts 

Shop fronts play a vital role in grabbing the attention of the customers. When people are walking on the street, they have an eye on the glass shop fronts to see the variety available inside the shop. One single click urges people to step in the shop and buy products. Many shopkeepers like to have aluminium shop fronts in Melbourne as they are long lasting. 

  • Custom Cut Glass 

We offer an option of custom cut glass based in Melbourne to our valuable clients and customers. We know that when people are building the house, they want everything to be their way. We help such people and give them option of custom cut glass to be made on order. If they have a design in their mind, they can share with us. We make them their dream design.  

  • Window Glass 

Windows glass play a vital role in making a house beautiful. When we have glass windows, the sunlight comes to the glass. It enlighten the house all the day long until sunset. In this way, we are saving the cost of light in the daytime. In addition, we have soundproof window glass, which become a barrier to the noise pollution.  

  • Pet Doors 

We also make pet doors as per the request of the customers. We know that pets so love and the honours of pets give them a better lifestyle where they feel safe and secured. A friendly pet door has to be in the premises of a house. It keeps them safe from being injured.  

  • Kitchen Glass 

We have specialised in making the kitchen glass. The kitchen glass has to be thick and durable. We use heavy-duty material to make the kitchen glass. People use kitchen on daily basis. The have to open the cabinets a zillion time in a single day. Moreover, people use glass as a shelf to keep the crockery.  

  • Glass Repair and Replacement 

We also offer glass repair and replacements services. It is necessary that we have a restriction to provide the repair services if you have bought glass from us. In fact, our services are open for everyone. All the people can avail our services. If you need us for repairs or replacement, our services are a call away from you.  

  • Caulking 

We also have a best solution for caulking. We have seen many places where the material and accessories are of high quality. The caulking inside the house is not up to the mark. People do not pay much attention to the caulking. When you choose us, you do not have to worry about the cleanliness and tidiness of caulking. We have experienced people who caulking.  

  • Mirror 

No one provide the high quality mirrors to the customers, as they are a bit expensive. A normal person do not know the difference while buying a mirror. A shopkeeper can sell a low quality mirror at the same price of high quality mirror. The reflection is good but they get spots and lost shine after a short period. When you come to us, we give you the best mirror in the world.  

  • Splashbacks 

People always forget about the walls of the kitchen and mainly pay attention to the cabinets and colour schemes. Splashbacks are the best solution for the kitchen as it gives a vibrant touch to the appearance of the kitchen.  

When you choose five star glass and caulking services, you are actually choosing pocket friendly and prompt services.  

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