Partying It Up In Your Bachelor Pad

Are you a bachelor, living in any one of the many party districts and hotspots around the country? Well, your life is going to be absolutely awesome! When you have an apartment in somewhere like the Gold Coast, you are going to be engaged in a lot of….extracurricular activities on weekends. Happy hour is all day, every day when you are a single man in this sort of tourist and vacation hotspot.

However, you can’t just become the personification of the saying “Men are pigs”. Don’t ever let your apartment become a pigsty. The first sign that you have given up on everything that is important in your life is when you see your house becoming a mess.

Get yourself a true bachelor bed

Your first order of business when renting your apartment should be to get yourself a king single mattress for your bedroom. After all, who needs a double bed when your “relationships” are probably going to last all of 20 minutes? This is one way to block off access to the emotional aspect of a one night stand. When a man’s bedroom screams “SINGLE!” by virtue of his mattress, you can be sure to be a bachelor for a while yet.

Now, you need to be able to keep your apartment clean and tidy. Just because you live alone, doesn’t mean that you get to turn back to your caveman roots. You need to either do regular cleaning of your living area on your own or hiring a janitorial service to do the cleaning for you.

Select furniture that will last

If you plan on partying a lot, you are going to need furniture that can withstand a lot of abuse. If you spend a lot on glass dining tables, coffee stands and so on, you are going to end up one sorry shopper indeed. After all, inviting drunk people into a home with this much delicate furniture is like introducing a hurricane to a glass window store. It is a recipe for disaster.

If you want your new bachelor pad to stand up to the abuse that it is bound to get, either from you or those cool dudes you met a couple of hours ago, you are going to need furniture that can endure it. To be honest, this is going to cost you a bit more than you would expect.

However, if you get some proper steel or wooden furniture that has been made with the highest quality standards, you are sure to be able to make them last for a while, even if you have three grown men standing on a chair at the same time.

VIP access to your private rooms

The next course of action in party-proofing your bachelor pad should be the bathrooms and bedrooms. You may think that it is “cool” to have an open house party. You will change your mind when you walk in on the swathe of destruction the partygoers have wreaked on your bathroom floor the next morning.

See, it is going to be quite a long and arduous process, cleaning up all that vomit off your beautifully tiled floors. A solution to this is to prevent it before it ever has a chance of happening. Lock off certain sections of your home if you are having a party. You don’t want to wake up the morning after with two naked men sleeping in your king sized bed, while you were face down in a puddle of….something you can’t even recognize!

Don’t invite unnecessary trouble in

There is a lot to be done when improving the endurance of your home, especially if you are someone who parties a lot at home. In addition to all of the above, you are going to want to consider getting carpets that can easily be washed or dry cleaned. When there are a lot of drunk people in one place, they aren’t very quiet at all.

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