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Financial Takeover: Neural To Electronic Intelligence 

Overview  Automated investment advisers?  The automated investment advisors, also referred to as the robo advisers, are the digital platforms that extend automated, driven by algorithm, financial services along with almost no intervention by humans! A generally known robo advisor collects information from the clients pertaining to their financial situation and the future objectives through an online […]


How To Buy Educational Toys For Kids

If you walk into a toy store, there will most likely be an aisle dedicated to “educational” toys. Over there, you will most likely find battery-operated gadgets and gizmos in pretty colours designed to keep kids occupied. What most parents don’t ask is, is this really an educational toy? What […]


Beginner’s Guide To Vaping

Vaping is where you inhale vapour that was produces by a vapourizer or e-cigarettes. These are battery powered equipment that are able to heat up the e-liquid inside to convert it to a vapour which you will then inhale. Vaping became popular as it provided a healthier alternative to smoking. […]


An Ultimate Guide to Creating Video Content

A recent research for Cisco has revealed that 80% of all the Internet traffic comes from the video because a good video boosts the conversation dramatically. But your target customers are constantly getting bombarded with marketing messages, from blog posts, infographics, forum comment and images that have become viral. Under […]