How To Get Your House Ready For Christmas

It is that time of the year when decorations appear on shop windows and families put up their own Christmas decorations. It is the time of the year where the divine smell of Christmas cookies and gingerbread wafts from the kitchen. Christmas is generally a season of laugher and merry making. It is also that time of the year when most people do their annual renovations and maintenance. The easiest thing to do is to get over with these renovations and cleaning before you put up your Christmas decorations. Many people are at loss as to where one should start. Well, the answer to this can vary depending on the type of renovations, the size of the house and time that you have at hand. Below is a set of instructions to get your house ready for the Christmas season. It can not only be used for Christmas, but also for any other occasion where you need to do some major revamping at home.

Change your colour scheme

One of the easiest ways of getting a house to look brand new is to change its colour. The same applies to your house too. Go on ahead and choose the colours that you like. Do not stop at doing only the interior, but also the exterior. The exterior can be a bit tricky, therefore get the help of exterior painters Melbourne to repaint the exterior of your house. There are plenty of them out there, offering various packages and deliverable timelines. Pick one that you and your family are most comfortable with. Make sure that you do a bit of dusting before you clean any of your walls.


Painting creates a lot of mess in a house and garden. This is justifiably so. Avoid doing large scale cleaning before you paint your walls. After painting has been done, you can go ahead and start cleaning your house from top to bottom. Start with all those paint splatters and work your way towards all those stains on the floor that you have been meaning to scrub off all year. Mop your floor with a mild detergent or the appropriate floor cleaner. In instances where the floor is carpeted, use a vacuum cleaner.


Now you have clean walls and a clean house altogether. It is now time to arrange things as you wish. One of the best ways to give a new look to a house is to change the arrangement of furniture in each room. It will give that feeling of newness to your whole house. Rearrange your dining table if it has been at the same slanted angle for as long as you can remember. Change the direction of those patio chairs if you are sick of seeing them in the same way year after year. Create a smooth flow from one room of your house to the next.


Now your house looks fresh and new. All it is missing now are the Christmas decorations. There is enough and more choice when it comes to Christmas decorations. Go on ahead and pick the ones that you and your family love the most. Tired of the same conventional Christmas decorations? Try some handmade ones or better yet, make some yourself. It will be a great experience for your kids too.

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