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If you are one of those homeowners who are frustrated with the style of your garden for since long, it’s time you take an action. Remove the unwanted grass and exchange it will commercial turf that doesn’t require much maintenance either. The brown spots in the garden will make the look untidy and you will have to spend a lot on the water bills. Say goodbye to the mowing and mud all at once and get the perfect commercial turf installation. Liquidators will suggest removing three to four inches of your existing lawn and making way for the new grass. It is important to use a dump trailer as the earth can add up faster than expected. If the soil is not disposed of properly it can create a lot of issues. You can call up an expert as they have the best equipment to get your work done at the right time. They will also create proper drainage and level the platform to achieve a smooth surface. 

How to install commercial turf? 

If you are planning to get commercial turf installed using the lawn turf calculator is the best idea. It is important to know how much turf or grass you need to install in a specific lawn area. There are many turf calculators online that will give you an idea about the measurements and correct size of units. You can get the turf delivered to the home that will help you maintain or get your lawn repaired. It may be a little challenging to have a healthy and green lawn but you can achieve that with the right ideas. You can look for professional grass installers and they will work on your landscape to give it a perfect look. They will start with clearing the old lawn and create an edge to form a base where the grass has to be installed. 

Turf Calculator 

Estimating the state of your yard just got much simpler with our lawn turf calculator. Utilize this internet based turf adding machine to work out how much turf you will require for your next project. As opposed to assessing how much turf you should cover a specific region, which regularly prompts having close to nothing or a lot of turf, or recalling math equations, you can now utilize our internet based lawn turf calculator. In the event that you misjudge the sum required, you’ll squander cash; while assuming you underrate, you will not have sufficient turf to finish your yard. 

Don’t lay artificial grass on the soil: 

Most of the experts will recommend that the commercial turf shouldn’t be laid on the soil. The soil will be easily affected by intense weather conditions and can wear/tear in a short time. When the base of the soil is spoiled it will deteriorate the quality of the grass too. If you lay your grass on a strong base that features granite it will remain in the best of condition for a long time. Homeowners can lay the grass at the top of concrete as it offers a strong base. Many people like to do it on their own but it is always better to choose an expert who can handle the installation well. The surface of the concrete should be level so it can correctly drain water. Your commercial turf will look fresh and you don’t need to work hard to maintain it. 

Edges and preparing the ground: 

If you want to give a tidy look to your lawn the experts will use edges as a product. They will start with working out on the perimeter and lay a good foundation for installation. Digging the soil in the right way is highly important along with the installation of edges. If you are not interested in having these edges you can let your expert knowledge about the preferences. It is important to remove the top of the soil and dig down deep. The depth should not more than 35mm. Neat and flat finishes will give the artificial grass a real look. The neat and flat layer of soil will add a lot to the appeal of the artificial grass. Laying out the artificial grass is not very difficult and doesn’t take much time either. 

Final touch: 

It is important to check out the correct measurements with the lawn turf calculator. You need to have the right amount of turfs to cover the entire area. When you have laid down the grass it has to finish well with kiln sand. The experts make use of a stiff brush or a blower that will keep the turf installed in one place. A lawn fertilizer spreader is also used to give it a more natural look. The sand dressing also plays an important role to give the perfect finishing touches. 

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