Going the extra mile to secure your screen door

Screen doors are a common sight in houses everywhere in Australia. It is screen mesh door which covers your main exterior with the purpose of keeping out birds, flying insects and litter that may be flying around. It also helps in keeping pets and small children from wandering outside, all the while allowing fresh air and light to pass through. However, with the increase in property crime rate, it is extremely crucial to secure your screen door as they are very easy to break into. 

While looking for the perfect security screen door in Melbourne, Kestrel Australia is a good place to start. With over 25 years of experience in the field of security, it has the expertise and variety that you need. It all depends on the level of security that you are looking for in your home. If the area that you live in has a higher crime rate, then it is better to go for sturdier options like a steel door. But, if you are looking to give an appearance of security along with helping keep the insects out, then an aluminum door will suffice. The door should nonetheless have non corrosive properties and should be able to withstand fire should the occasion arise.  

Depending upon your budget and requirements, there is a huge variety of security screen doors Melbourne available at kestrel Australia. They can provide security doors in every size and shape with equal strength for every door. There are single hinged screen doors for the main single entry door of your home. It is perfect for bringing in air and light and keeping out unwanted visitors. Sliding doors are also an option: single double or triple, you decide. French doors are double doors that have a strong locking system on the top and bottom and can be opened inwards or outwards. Security screen doors are a very popular choice these days because new modern designs are created in such a way that they add to the visual character of your house and can be fitted into any design that may be created for a house.  

Advantages of security screen doors 

These doors provide an increased level of security. Old and typical frames of screen doors can easily be broken apart causing safety concern to arise. Yes, they are more expensive than the average screen door but the added security features such as the strong frame and non-removable hinges help keep out thieves. The security mesh that is put in place also cannot be cut open leaving anyone who may be breaking in with little option , but to turn back. Security screen doors also help maintain a better level of privacy as the mesh that is incorporated into them is thicker and at an angle that makes it difficult for people to look through. It helps you keep an eye on everything that is going on outside while preventing people from keeping an eye on you. They also increase the style of your house and help boost the first impression of your house. A fashion forward screen door can add color and character to your front door which is the first thing that anyone sees while entering your home. Insects especially mosquitoes can be quite a nuisance especially in the hotter months of the year. These flying pests can be kept out with these doors along with any trash or sand that might make its way in on a windy day.  The mesh of the door helps in a lot of natural light and fresh air which keeps moulds and stale air at bay. Due to higher crime rates, it is difficult to keep doors open, but installing a security screen door can solve all your problems. They are a two in one package deal; they give the convenience of a window and the security of a door. The added ventilation and peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family is safe increases the comfort level that you feel in your home.  

Security sliding doors Melbourne are a must buy for every individual. Not only do they increase the level of security by keeping intruders out and your loved ones safe, they also add value to your house by adding a sense of style and colour. Being extremely flexible, they fit into any home design and add convenience to your way of living. 

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