Essential Tips for a Head Start in Designing Invitation Card

The Essentials of Party Planning 

Thinking of planning a party? There must be a lot on your plate and we understand that. From hiring the best caterer available, to getting the right decorations, it’s all important. But, while you take care of all that, we must remind you that it is equally important to make sure all the guests show up. Afterall, you wouldn’t want all that decoration to go to waste. But, how do you make sure your guests show up? The solution lies in your invitation.  

Whether you’re planning to send a digital invitation by mail or a hardcopy, there’s a lot you can do to make it unique and appealing. Designing the unique party invitation template makes sure your guests mark their calendars for your event. So, instead of worrying about how you can make your invitation appealing and unique, you should instead take this opportunity to display your innovativeness through the text, theme, images and everything else you can use to flaunt your creativity skills. To get you started, here are few tips that will greatly help you choose the right theme.  

Choose the Card’s Dimensions wisely 

Since you’re designing your custom party invitation template, this gives you the freedom to choose any size of invitation card that you like. While this does give you the freedom in selection, you must be careful about neither making it too big nor too small that it gets ignored. A standard size that is used for party invitations templates is 5×7 inches. However, you can make it 5.5×7.5 inches if you want to stand out. As we said before, choosing the size of your invitation card is up to you and you can either go with the flow and choose the standard size, or you can take the risk of going with different dimensions.  

Start Early 

Designing the card is not something you can do in one sitting. It requires time and patience. There will be moments when you will be flooded with ideas as opposed to the moments when you won’t be able to think of any unique design. This is completely natural and this is why we suggest, you start designing early. Do not postpone this task to be done at the end when all other preparations are made. This is what most people do and so, they end up choosing the same typical standard party invitation that most people do not bother to even read. You certainly do not wish to be one of those people. Take the opportunity and start designing your card early so you have plenty of time to integrate different designs, illustrations and colors in your invitation. 

Have a Color Theme 

This is very important. A lot of ‘wannabe’ artists tend to be generous with the colours and they end up including mis-matched colour theme on the party invitation template. This is supposed to look appealing, but it certainly doesn’t. When you’re designing the template of your invitation, it is very important that you choose a colour theme and then follow it. You might miss your favourite colours and that’s okay! The important thing is to make the invitation card pleasantly eye-catching and appealing. 

The Shortcut 

If you do not find yourself to be a great designer or you feel panicked because you’ve started too late and now there’s not sufficient time to start the designing of the template, you can choose from designed templates available on the internet. This means, there’s a backup option available, in case you fall short of time or ideas. You can pick  any template according to the theme of your party or whatever suits your taste. If you feel like, you can add some illustration or even a text to make your card customized. In a nutshell, you should start designing your invitation card early, but in case you fail to do so, there are options you can choose from.  

Choose the Right Font 

Who are you inviting mainly? Answer this question before choosing the font for your invitation card. There are innumerous fonts available to choose from. But, the challenge is choosing the font that is neither too dull and simple, nor too fancy to even read. So, be very careful about choosing the right font that looks good on the card, but is also easy to read.  

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