Designing a Commercial Website for a Small Business

Your small business can expand beyond expectations online. You may have noticed that almost all businesses nowadays have commercial websites. There’s a reason for this. Customers do online searches first and foremost before making a purchase. Therefore, having an online presence makes you visible to customers. Also, having a commercial website is not massively expensive as it was in the past. Having a website is so much better than not having one. Therefore, follow the below tips for designing and maintain a commercial website for your small business:

Choose an Excellent Hosting Plan

You cannot risk your business website going offline or becoming very slow to load. Therefore, you need a great, business level, hosting plan. Choose a plan that suits the CMS platform you choose. For example, if you design your website using Joomla, choose a Joomla web hosting plan. Such name-brand plans specialise in a single CMS, which is beneficial for you.

Choose a Free Theme and Then Customize

You don’t have to spend a fortune to build a website from scratch or purchase an expensive theme. You can easily build a great website using a free theme. However, there’s a catch. If you don’t seriously modify the free theme, your small business website could end up looking similar to many other sites on the net. Therefore, customise the life out of any free themes you use.

Get a Managed Server

Don’t share server space with other companies if your sites attracts a large audience. It could compromise the speed of your site. Therefore, find a managed web hosting for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or another CMS that you use.

Secure the Site with an SSL Certificate

Don’t forget to secure your sites from hackers, spies and data thieves. Buy a SSL certificate, which will make potential customers more willing to make purchases from your site.

Buy Shopping Cart Software

If you plan on selling items straight from your web page, you need a good shopping cart. The best solution is to buy the software. Don’t use free ones, these may come with serious security vulnerabilities. Instead, purchase a cart with advanced safety features.

Link Social Media Business Profiles

Don’t forget to create social media profiles for your business along with the website. If you already have social media profiles, don’t forget to link them to the site.

Follow the above tips to design a great small business website. Later, you might be able to offer customer support with live chat on your website as well. Also, you can make the site mobile responsible to reach smartphone users as well.


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