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Everyone wants their beautiful city to be filled with breathtaking lush parks, pristine sidewalks with clean air, surrounded by the sweet smell of flowers. Even though almost all people agree with this sentiment, there are only a very few that actively take part in contributing to this image. It is an absolute disappointment when tourists, visiting the city come across rubbish dumps of constructions sites. And not only for tourists, but even inhabitants of the city also despise walking/commuting around a city where construction rubbish dumps are all around. These construction dumps may not be smelling bad but they are a sore sight to see.  

And not only that, whatever the kind, rubbish dumps are statistically prone to spread health-related problems if not disposed of correctly and on time. Especially since there is already a deadly virus spread around the world, I think everyone would join me in agreeing that we do not need any more of these!  

It is a duty, as a citizen of your city, that you must look into responsible companies that can help you dispose of any construction rubbish. To avoid the trouble of doing tedious research yourself here is a reliable company that can solve your problems: 


GT Skips is a 100% reliable rubbish Disposal Company that specializes in rubbish skip hire in Melbourne and skip bin hire.  For years GT Skips has been working in this industry and has been able to garner a good reputation for providing effortless, reliable and efficient waste disposal and/or transport solutions throughout the area which constitutes the entire Northern Melbourne Metropolitan area.  

It is a promise that they make to provide the most reliable and cheap rubbish skip hire and skip bin hire services for all types of customers from domestic clients to industrial and commercial clients. Their skip bin hire services once hired will work together with you in a smooth collaborative manner to come up with the most suitable and effective, both environmentally and financially, plan to remove or transport your waste. They are sure of their work due to the good amount of satisfied customers that they have.  

And for all the environment enthusiasts out there, it will make you happy to know that with their skip bin hire and rubbish skip hire they not only just dispose of your waste, but also do this in the most environmentally friendly manner. That is they dispose of it off to then recycle all possible material including metal, timber, bricks, concrete and green waste. They recycle the maximum amount of waste as possible (almost up to 95%) to reduce the number of landfills as much as possible.  

To further elaborate, their rubbish skip hire and skip bin hire services include picking up the waste material and classifying it into its respective categories which are: 

  • Timber 
  • Concrete and bricks  
  • Cardboard and paper material 
  • Plasterboard 
  • Ferrous and Nonferrous metals 

Their skip bin hire and rubbish skip hire services are available for: 

    For clients that are involved in commercial construction require planning with waste management companies. so GT Skips is willing to sit and consult with them to achieve the best possible outcome and a smooth disposal process. Commercial disposal of rubbish undoubtedly requires the use of heavy cranes and GT Skips will be providing lifting certification.  
    This service is for residential needs including renovating, house moving or for spring cleaning. Their rubbish skip hire bins are built with rear access doors that turn into ramps for easy use of wheelbarrows for placement of large objects. They even promise to have skip bins for hire that can navigate small and difficult locations with ease.  
    At GT Skips you can find effective and cheap skip bin hire and rubbish skip hire services to satisfy clients in the building and construction industry. They have large bins that can be picked up and transported by crane. In addition, they can also provide detailed reports on the material collected from the sites. 

Lastly, they have plenty of variety of skip bin and rubbish skip bin sizes available with their specific dimensions available with pictures on their website. The sizes range from a 1.5M crane bin to 33 cubic meters. A total of 13 different sizes and styles and makes. With detailed descriptions of the GT Skips outstanding services, we hope you are satisfied enough to hire them next time! 

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