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If you are anything like us, you probably think those four years spent at college could’ve been spent a lot better. College can be really time consuming and difficult after all. there will always be new assignments to do, quizzes to study for, seminars to attend, classes to go to and most importantly fees to pay. Sure, the degree that we get at the end can make everything – the money spent and all the hard work put in – seem worth it, but getting to the final destination can be a really difficult task in itself. With all the time that college requires and the effort plus the money, it really is no surprise that so many of us end up skipping the whole process altogether. Instead, many people opt to head out into the job market as soon as they are done with their high school degree, so that they can start earning as soon as possible. While this can be the only option available to many of us, the truth is it often has very many pitfalls waiting ahead. While there are still some people who do not go to college for some reason or another, there are an increasing number of people who do, and this can spell trouble for those of us without formal qualifications.  

It may often seem unfair, but the reasoning is pretty sound if we put ourselves in the employer’s shoes – we too would be more likely to employ the candidate with the formal qualification, as it makes everything seem a lot more legitimate. This fact alone can mean that so many people out there without formal qualifications will be a step behind those who went to college, based on a sheet of paper alone. There is no doubt about the fact that we can have great experience and skill in any field without ever having a formal qualification. Some of us are extremely skilled in our respective fields, through years and years of hard work but we can still find that employers prefer the fresh graduate with a degree over us. This whole conundrum can be quite disappointing, especially since going to college would just be a waste of time, money and energy, as we would just be re-learning things that we already know.  

Fortunately, there is a slight loophole to break the system, which can let us get the jobs we want, with the correct qualifications, all by spending only a little bit of time and effort. It can sound almost too good to be true, but that is exactly what rpl assessment does. Recognized prior learning can help us translate our skills in the field to skills on paper. With a recognized prior learning certificate, we can make sure that we never have to stay behind anyone just on the basis of a formal degree. With recognized prior learning you can do what so many college students dream of doing – streamlining the college process – as you can even possibly get university exemptions, such as shortening of your degree, so that you study only what you really need to learn. 

In this manner, recognized prior learning can help you get a formal qualification without any of the hassle. Now, you only learn what you really need to learn, and you spend your time and money effectively. This can mean that we never have to go through those grueling college days where we pull all nighters and never have time for anything else in our life. Instead, we can have a healthy balance as we can have time for other thing such as work as well. Furthermore, rpl assessment focuses on not just recognizing your strengths, but making sure that you can cover up your weaknesses, so that you can be the most well rounded candidate around! 

RPL qualifications exist for a wide range of fields, so you can rest assured that you will find the one that you are looking for. What’s more is that they exist on various levels within each field, progressing from beginners’ level to very advanced, so that you can avail the package that suits you best. You can partner up with Skills Certified to make sure that you can translate your experience into the best formal qualification, designed to give you an edge over any other candidate.  

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