Babies and sleeping bags explained!

Looking here and there while being in the market for baby shopping is quite exciting. However, it may get overwhelming and daunting. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss all those factors which are important as well as crucial while selecting sleeping bags for babies.  

What is a sleeping bag? 

For babies, there come sleeping bags. They are more or less like a long wearable blanket. It covers baby from shoulders till toes. Head is always though. Another feature that defines sleeping bags for baby is based on temperature – comfortability is proven by maintaining the best temperature in different seasons. If you buy a sleeping bag for your baby, then you will not require duvet or anything related to the same family (i.e. blanket, sheet, and etc.) 

Different types of togs – which is the best?  

Togs are the ways of determining weight – through warmth (temperature) as well as thickness. To understand about togs, you must know the following grounds: 

Factors to consider while selecting a baby sleeping bag: 

i)    Ratings:  

•    A lower rating means lesser warmth or temperature. These are best for summers.  

•    A higher rating of togs denotes more warmth and naturally is best for winters.  

ii)    A number of sleeping bags: 

Best baby sleeping bags Australia are found online as well as in the baby shop. According to the expert’s recommendation, you should get at least two sleeping bags. One with the standard tog of 2.5; second for summers and third for winters.   

iii)    Relationship of tog and temperature: 

You must consider following before buying different togs: 

•    Clothes are worn by the baby – if the baby wears warm clothes and you put him or her inside a warm tog, it will not serve as a good option. However, if the baby wears something light then he can be carried in a warmer sleeping bag.  

•    Dampness around neck and hands may guide you if the baby is feeling hot or cold; or if the baby is just doing well and fine.   

•    For rooms with 14 degrees, 3.5 tog justifies the need. However, the baby must wear a cotton sleeping suit or cotton suit inside.  

•    When a room is 16 or under 16 degrees, you can go with a 2.5 tog. The suit made up of cotton must be worn inside though.  

•    From 17 to 21 degrees, you can easily pick a 2.5 tog. Ensure that the baby is wearing a body suit made up of cotton.  

•    For more than 25 degrees, opt for a 0.5 tog that is made up of muslin material. You can cover the baby with a half-sleeved cotton bodysuit. 

iv)    The fit of a sleeping bag:  

Checking the baby’s weight and height is mandatory. Without knowing these two aspects, you might end up buying something wrong. It is because of the obvious reason: all babies are not the same in height and weight.  

Age is another aspect that can’t go missing. Therefore, be sure of the exact age as well. Reason being, sleeping bags for babies come in the following sizes: 

•    Zero to six months  

•    Six to eighteen months  

•    Eighteen to thirty-six months  

P.S: every brand has its own sizing. Therefore, you must try what you are buying.  

Tips on buying sleeping bags for your baby: 

1.    Neck holes:  

It must be comfortable and not too big in size. If it is too big, the baby’s neck might slip inside the bag and get hurt.  

2.    Hoody and sleeves: 

Buying fancy sleeping bags is a natural trait. However, using all the fanciness in the shape of hoody or sleeves for baby will result in over-heating. That would be riskier than expected, so it is to stay safe while following fashion and trend.  

3.    Protected armholes: 

Always ensure that the armholes are snugged. Reason being, if you will buy a sleeping bag with unprotected armholes baby might put his hands in the inner side of the bag.  

4.    Perfect seams: 

Sharpness in the edges, perfect seams, and fast attachments on zips are an excellent source of bringing harm to the baby. Therefore, they should be ignored and you should go for something that is soft and not edgy. 

Last verdict – conclusion: 

There are many ways to determine the right fit of sleeping bags for your child or baby. Temperature, togs, and movement in the bag are the main factors to remember while the purchase. Besides that, additional covers on sleeping bags is a bad idea. You have to be extra careful about the temperature inside the bag every few hours. 

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