An Ultimate Guide to Creating Video Content

A recent research for Cisco has revealed that 80% of all the Internet traffic comes from the video because a good video boosts the conversation dramatically. But your target customers are constantly getting bombarded with marketing messages, from blog posts, infographics, forum comment and images that have become viral. Under such scenario, where can your content stand among the crowd? Your video content will get a significant edge over others, if you delve into the what, who and the where of your video content. The wider acceptability depends upon the number of people who have the related emotional reaction to your content

If you want your video content to have an edge over the others, give attention to its positivity that can inspire amusement, astonishment, and awesomeness of the viewers. Your viewers will share your content according to the level of their arousal, raise in their social standing and generation of reciprocity for getting something tangible. Give them something original. Below are the 7 Personality Triggers that fascinate people to share with your video content. You can adopt them as an ultimate guide for creating video content.

  1. Passion/Lust

Lust is something that creates a feeling of mouth watering at the sight of your video content in anticipation of pleasure. Try to tap the five senses of the people’s passion in order to piqué their interest. To not let their passion run dry, resort to the constant adaption of your content, this will also help your SEO rankings.

  1. Alarm

Arouse in the minds of the viewers, a flight instinct, because people have this basic instinct, in order to avoid problems. Let them be alarmed of the negative consequences of inaction. They will then be urged upon for a faster action.

  1. Mystique

Tell them the story, but don’t reveal the facts. The lack of fulfillment will create curiosity in them. Therefore, resort to the four ways to triggering mystics, such as withholding information, sparking curiosity, limiting access and building mythology.

  1. Power

If you do not want to be in control of everything, you may relinquish the control to others. In that case, you can concentrate on your core business. You can delegate your digital marketing to an agency, because of their status.

  1. Prestige

Create a situation for your viewers; symbols of rank and respect to make them feel achieving high standard and tangible success for their success in getting a gift or present. For achieving this end, you need to increase the price, limit availability so that accessibility is decreased.

  1. Rebellion/Vice

You can make your viewers do something by asking them not to do so. By that, you create a kind of rebellion and a desire to do a forbidden act- vice. Make them to “Think Different” and trigger the rebellion.

  1. Trust

Create trust through predictability and familiarity by sending repeated messages that are clear, consistent and credible. Your customers will feel uncomfortable with uncertainty, chaos, and surprise. Always, eliminate these factors.

Besides making others understand you, you should know your own business and brand and how others perceive you. You can then leverage the triggers of fascination, to your advantage.

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