5 Tips To Consider When Buying The Best Office Chairs

Buying furniture is not an easy feat as it requires a whole lot of thought process in order to make the right decision. There are different types and styles of furniture that a person buys throughout its lifetime, each purchase though gives you a feeling of joy; while simultaneously making you content over the right decision while the opposite is the case with a bad decision making. It is easier to find the household furniture online or at brick and mortar stores but when it comes to office furniture then it becomes a different ball game altogether; reason being, different sources, requirements, budgets, quantities, and qualities get involved. The most commonly sought after office furniture piece is a chair where an employee spends most of his or her time of the working hours; therefore, it has to be picked up very carefully to serve the purpose at hand.

The Seats Direct in Australia has been providing top quality furniture for commercial as well as household purposes in a relevantly cost effective way and budget friendly payment manners. You can even use after buy option to pull off your desired purchase. Though on one end, budget affects the purchase decision of office chairs it should not be the only decisive factor rather there are certain aspects that one must take under consideration while buying the chair, such as:

Seat Pan 

Nowadays, Aussies are quite into ergonomic office chair afterpay due to the comfort it offers to a person. While making the purchase, you must consider the size and shape of the seat pan as it must be at least 1-1.5 inches wider from all sides; similarly, it should not be too long to catch you behind the knees and making it difficult for you lean over the lumbar support. The preferred seat pan generally has waterfall front which prevents it from catching you behind the knees, moreover, it should be properly contoured in order to distribute the weight evenly across the chair. All these features tend to be built-in in the ergonomic office chairs in Australia.

Adjustable Seating 

It is imperative that the seat is pneumatically adjustable as in you should be able to control the height of its back while sitting on it. Similarly, its seat’s height must be controllable upwards or downwards so you could keep your feet on the ground firmly. These features are a must-have in the office chairs Australia as you would not be requiring a footrest afterward to keep you from developing the aches.

Adjustable Lumbar Support 

Most of the office chairs in Australia comes with a cushion based lumbar support which gives you comfort while leaning over and tend to be adjustable upward, downward, backward and forward. This adjustable lumbar support is good if your chair is being used by many people however if you are the only person using it then you can go for a fixed lumbar support as well to serve the purpose at hand.

Long-Term Usage 

While buying an office chair afterpay, you should consider this decision form the long-term perspective as in for how long the performance of the chair should remain intact then do the investment accordingly. If the chair foam gets deformed easily or loses its firmness after a couple of hours, days or weeks then it is better to move on to the next type of article because purchases like these would make you a patient of hip or back fatigue while leading to imbalance and discomfort.


There are different types and qualities of seat upholsteries available in the market for the office chairs Australia, therefore while choosing yours, you must consider the cleaning and maintenance aspect on priority to support the overall buying decision. Vinyl based upholsteries are easy to clean but are not breathable while cloth based ones are commonly used but difficult to clean. Therefore, think thoroughly before making the purchase decision of auxiliary items.

It is of paramount importance that the seat provides you with a sufficient room around the hip area in order to avoid any discomfort and posture issues. Hence, do take the measurement of the seat pan into consideration because if it’s too fitted then you would have to sit while leaning forward on it while leaving not enough support for the thighs. Considering all these, it is advised to consult with the Seats Direct in order to make the right decision while availing the opportunity of after pay.

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