Key Considerations For Spouse Visa Australia


Getting an Australian visa is no more a cake walk as rules, regulations, and processes have been revised, demanding more from an applicant than ever before. Similar is the case with those who apply for the spouse or partner visa for Australia. If you do not know about the exact documents requirement, checklist, and the timeline then there’s a fair possibility that you are going to lose out on your time and efforts. Considering this, it has now become imperative more than ever to have an expert agent by your side if you want to get done with the process in an effective and efficient manner. Because let’s face it when it comes to partner visa then one size does not fit all, as there would be numerous situations. This very reason has made it difficult in the first place for applicants to come up with a visa checklist which is an absolute necessity as without pursuing it correctly, you would not be able to pull off the initial phase of the application.  

There are many agents across Australia and around the globe who would claim to help you through the spouse visa process but it is important that you opt for someone who is not going to treat your case like any other. Your Australian Migration has been doing a good job in this regard as they have a team of experts with relevance to the cases at hand who ensure that you are into the process without missing out on any key document or information while maintaining and keeping the transparent picture of the whole thing right in front of you. However, there are certain things that one must adhere to if he or she intends to apply for the partner visa in Australia, such as: 

Start Right Away 

One must know before applying for the spouse visa in Perth that onshore applications are going to take up to 21 months while offshore applications are going to consume up to 14 months in the processing phase. Considering this, it is imperative that you apply as soon as possible in order to keep from wasting time. Rather it is recommended to apply the day you both would become eligible so to expedite the process. 

Sample Helps 

The next thing one can do to get help in the application process is to try to get your hands on to the sample visa copy of any other applicant or seek guidance from someone in your circle about partner visa Australia in order to have a reference point or a little known starting point in place. 

Check out Online Forums 

It is always useful to read forums regarding the subject matter as opinions or views coming from different people always help in shaping up your case. However, you would have to search for the efficient forums as like agents there would be many online forums on Australia immigration as well, so skim through them to reach to the one which would be useful. 

Payment Fee 

When you would apply for the spouse visa Australia then you would have to pay for the processing fee. If you could manage to pay from within Australia by using the in-country payment option then this fee would be waived. However, if you have to make the payment from outside of Australia then you would have to pay an additional $70-$150 in order to trigger the process. You can outsmart this payment fee by managing to pay it from within the country. 

Group The Uploads 

You will have to limit the files to 60 documents of maximum 5mb each while sending off documents for the process of spouse visa Perth. At times, it gets confusing, cumbersome and panicking as some documents could fall short while others could suffer on the storage space. Considering this, it is always better to club the relevant documents into one category in order to save the panic attacks later on due to incomplete file transfers or distorted series of documents submission.  

Last but not least, it is important that you present your file names in the right manner and with an easy to understand format. This will help you when you will be emailing the final batch of documents. Also, when you would be emailing the documents it is important that you do the process with utmost care as you cannot correct an error once committed during the process nor can you rewrite it, primarily to keep the fraudsters from the process therefore careful submission is the key here. 

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