Here’s why you should Choose Plantation Shutters over Regular Windows

Have you ever really wondered that how big of a role windows play in our homes? They do not often get the credit for it, but they are an important part of any household. They do not only represent the exterior but also the interior of a house. Furthermore, windows also provide fresh air and access to natural light, and they play a critical role in the overall aesthetics of a property as well. There is a reason that so many interior design experts focus so much on the type of window coverings people should choose. While nowadays, blinds and curtains have proven to be a popular choice, there is another option out there that people are preferring to go for. Plantation shutters are now on par with other popular window covering options, and they have a good reason for it.  

Even though plantation shutters have become a popular choice for most people nowadays, it is still important that you get them installed by experts. If you happen to be a resident of Australia, then you are in luck because Mal Glanville & Co is there to help you out at two of the most popular places in it. They install plantation shutters in Newcastle as well as Central Coast, and they are the best in business you are going to find. You would not encounter many companies in Australia who would provide you with efficient window solutions and also have experience of more than 50 years on their resume. However, Mal Glanville & Co can proudly say that not only are they the oldest in this industry but have also consistently provide top-notch services to the people here. So the question that now stands is, what qualities does Mal Glanville & Co possess and why one should actually go with plantation shutters? Let’s see. 

Enhanced Privacy 

The main reason why we need window coverings is so we are able to feel more comfortable in our homes. No one really wants strangers to look inside their house throughout the day. Considering how Central Coast is popular for tourists, you are going to see countless new faces every day and your privacy would be violated. So, how can plantation shutters in Central Coast provide you with the best solution? The key benefit of plantation shutters is that they can not only enhance your privacy, but also they would not completely restrict the natural light from your house, unlike blinds and curtains do. 

Low Maintenance 

Another major problem which we often face with most window covering options is that they require a lot of maintenance. This can especially be said for curtains, they can be a nightmare to clean. Moreover, they catch dust more easily as well. Plantation shutters are pretty simple to clean, and you do not have to spend hours on keeping them maintained unlike you normally do on curtains. Give them a good two minutes of your day, and they would start to shine again. 

Stylish Appearance  

Nowadays style is an important factor for majority of the house owners, and the window coverings you choose can play a huge role in it. Mal Glanville & Co always makes sure that they are not lagging behind when it comes to providing their customers with different stylish options to choose from when they install plantation shutters in Newcastle and Central Coast. Apart from a number of materials to choose from, you can also go for the colour and size that you require for the shutters to meet your requirements. 

Why Choose Mal Glenville & Co? 

Now that you know why plantation shutters are so popular, why you should actually choose Mal Glenville & Co to get them installed? The main reason for that is, apart from their vast experience in this industry, their services are available for both commercial and private properties. You can get plantation shutters in Central Coast and Newcastle installed in any private residence or commercial building and they will always provide top-quality services to all of their customers. So, whether you want to get new window shutter installed, or just a professional opinion on what would look best with your house, you can consult Mal Glenville & Co today. 

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